What are your "Current Needs" on Fluid?

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Wed Jul 2 16:26:48 UTC 2008

On 2-Jul-08, at 11:16 AM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

> Can you please suggest to me 3-5 needs volunteers can help with in  
> the Fluid project? I will compile a list and publish it to the Wiki.
I'm not sure which heading this would fit under - development?  
documentation review?

It would be helpful for external javascript developers to review the  
API documentation, tutorials, etc. and use them to actually  
incorporate the components into something, and then give us feedback!  
Let us know where the documentation is lacking, let us know where the  
API is lacking.

Regarding user testing or accessibility review: Having volunteers who  
use various assistive technologies (i.e. actual users, not developers  
who know how to use JAWS) try out the components and provide feedback  
would be helpful (in addition to more formal testing).

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