Annoying IE6 background image flicker... and fix

Eli Cochran eli at
Fri Jan 25 14:36:28 UTC 2008

While researching the new upload component I tripped over a thread  
about a major issue with background image in IE6 which has annoyed me  
before but but someone found a fix.

The problem is outlined here: 

The fix is to include the following in JS: document.execCommand 

or this is CSS:

html {
   filter: expression(document.execCommand("BackgroundImageCache",  
false, true));

I'm going to go ahead and check in it to the Sakai IE only CSS file  
(I think that it's being used.)

We might want to consider adding it to our the base Fluid.js for good  

- Eli

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Eli Cochran
user interaction developer
ETS, UC Berkeley

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