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Tue Jan 22 16:38:41 UTC 2008

> Knoop, Peter wrote:
>> While GreenHopper offers some cool functionality, that functionality
>> is dependent on certain practices in Jira that Sakai has not followed
>> or deviated from with custom fields, so there would have to be a bit
>> of education and redesign as part of this. For instance, almost no  
>> one
>> uses the “In Progress” step in the workflow; issues generally go from
>> Open to Resolved. Also, because we have the extra, non-standard
>> “Target Version” field, (rather than Jira’s built-in expectation of
>> relying on the combination of the Status and Fixed Version to
>> determine if an issue is planned for a release or in a release), the
>> drag-and-drop setting of versions in GreenHopper probably won’t work
>> quite right.

We use jira locally, and I have used it in the past with other OS  
projects (e.g. uPortal).

What is the reason for using "Target Version" rather than the  
standard practice of using "Fix Version" to schedule a fix and using  
the resolutions for a particular Version to track progress?

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