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Thanks for the interest.

And that's a great point about the audience. The audience we want to  
reach is anyone who is writing Javascript in an environment where  
their code must exist on the page with other people's code. So  
really, just about anyone who isn't writing a web app in a vacuum.  
Maybe it should be called Writing Fearless Javascript for Portlets,  
Widgets, and Portals.

- Eli

On Jan 11, 2008, at 3:19 PM, Andrew Petro wrote:

> > Fearless Javascript for Portal Developers
> +1.  Excellent seminar idea.  I hope this is presented and that I  
> get to attend it.
> Is the intended scope of the seminar development in a portal  
> generally, or development of JavaScript-using web layers for  
> JSR-168 portlets specifically?  (If the latter then tweaking the  
> title towards Portlet Developers would be good.)  If it's really  
> about fearless Javascript for developers of the portal itself, I  
> still think it sounds very compelling, but I'd be concerned at the  
> perception that that narrows the target audience down to core  
> framework developers and so managing that expectation of for whom  
> the seminar is appropriate will be important.  Developers  
> customizing their portals primarily through development of custom  
> portlets don't always think of themselves as "portal developers".
> Andrew
> On Jan 11, 2008, at 4:03 PM, Eli Cochran wrote:
>> I like Colin's seminar idea quite a bit. The increased interest in  
>> DHTML techniques is breeding a whole bunch of brand-new JS  
>> programmers in the community. It's a good time to give them a hand  
>> up with the hard-earned learning that we've done on Fluid.
>> As for the title, Web 2.0 means so many things to so many people  
>> and the title needs to say Javascript. How about Best of Breed  
>> Javascript in a Portal Environment or Safe and Sane Javascript in  
>> Portal environment or Fearless Javascript for Portal Developers.  
>> OK, definitely Friday afternoon, maybe I can come up with  
>> something better on Monday.
>> - Eli
>> On Jan 11, 2008, at 2:22 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>>> Hi Paul,
>>> I've been bouncing around the idea of a technical, hands-on DHTML
>>> programming seminar for the JA-SIG conference. It's just an idea at
>>> this stage, and I'd have to gauge interest and resources within the
>>> community before committing to it.
>>> The goal of the seminar would be to provide an overview of "modern"
>>> JavaScript programming practices: how to write DHTML code that will
>>> play nice in a portal, is accessible, and leverages the unique
>>> strengths of the language. Ideally, we'd provide hands-on  
>>> programming
>>> exercises to go with it.
>>> So consider this my draft proposal for a Fluid technical seminar.  
>>> Keep
>>> in mind I'm terrible at coming up with titles. :)
>>> Title: Web 2.0 Programming Techniques in a Portal Environment
>>> Description: This session will provide developers with a hands-on
>>> understanding of modern JavaScript and DHTML programming techniques
>>> within the complex environment of a portal. We'll cover:
>>>   * Unique features of the JavaScript programming language
>>>   * How to use the jQuery and Fluid toolkits
>>>   * Techniques for avoiding collisions with other JavaScript code
>>> running in the portal
>>>   * How to make your DHTML code more accessible
>>> Length: Half-day seminar, pre-conference
>>> Proposed Presenter: Members of the Fluid community
>>> So then, my next question to the Fluid community is, who's  
>>> interested
>>> in collaborating on this seminar with me?
>>> Just an idea,
>>> Colin
>>> On 10-Jan-08, at 5:56 PM, Paul Zablosky wrote:
>>>> Following up on my posting about the upcoming JA-SIG Spring 2008
>>>> Conference, I'm soliciting suggestions for half-day seminars and
>>>> tutorials to take place at the beginning and end of the event..
>>>> The conference will take place April 27-30 at the Crowne Plaza
>>>> Hotel, St. Paul, MN. There will be participation from several  
>>>> higher
>>>> education community source projects, including uPortal, Fedora,
>>>> Internet2, Kuali, Sakai, and -- of course -- Fluid.
>>>> We're hoping to have at least one Fluid-specific seminar, or one
>>>> that relates closely to Fluid goals, principles, technologies, or
>>>> techniques.
>>>> If you'd like to see the sorts of topics that have been  
>>>> addressed in
>>>> the past, take a look at the 2007 Sunday and Wednesday seminars at
>>>> the JA-SIG 2007 Conference in Denver -- or any of the previous JA-
>>>> SIG conferences.  Topics can be deeply technical or of broad  
>>>> general
>>>> interest, but the approach is usually tutorial.  They can be aimed
>>>> at any group within the participating communities, but there's a
>>>> huge benefit when they cross community boundaries.  Topics that
>>>> require a full day for presentation can be spread across two half-
>>>> day sessions (morning and afternoon on Sunday, usually).
>>>> There is an extra fee charged to seminar attendees, but the
>>>> presenter is rewarded with free registration to the conference.
>>>> If you have an idea for a topic or a presenter you'd like to see,
>>>> please let me know right away.  (The planning committee is in the
>>>> process of finalizing the schedule.  I apologize for the short
>>>> notice.)  If possible, please include the following information:
>>>> 	• Title - a phrase or one sentence summary
>>>> 	• Description - approximately 4 - 5 sentences describing what an
>>>> attendee would expect to hear about; (graphics can also be  
>>>> included)
>>>> 	• Length - whether you expect the session to be a half-day or  
>>>> full-
>>>> day seminar
>>>> 	• Pre or Post - whether you would rather see the seminar on Sunday
>>>> (pre-conference) or on Wednesday (post-conference)
>>>> 	• Proposed presenter
>>>> There are so many interesting threads of interest, ideas,
>>>> techniques, and disciplines in the Fluid project, that I'm  
>>>> confident
>>>> there are some really great seminars just waiting to be given.
>>>> Please post your suggestions to this list, or send them to me
>>>> directly.
>>>> Paul
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