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I agree totally, Eli.  This is exactly the gap we'd like to see filled 
for the developers attending the JA-SIG conference.  Bear in mind that 
some of them will have attended Sang Shin's one-day AJAX course 
<> at the 2007 June 
conference in Denver.

As for the title, when I was pitching this to the conference committee, 
I spoke of  rich internet application clients (RIA clients) which I 
think is still meaningful.  When I spoke to Colin he used the words 
/safe/ and /accessible/, and so maybe we could try something like:

    /Safe, Sane, and Accessible JavaScript and DHTML for Portal 
Application Developers

/Well, it still needs work, but as you say, it's Friday.


Eli Cochran wrote:
> I like Colin's seminar idea quite a bit. The increased interest 
> in DHTML techniques is breeding a whole bunch of brand-new JS 
> programmers in the community. It's a good time to give them a hand up 
> with the hard-earned learning that we've done on Fluid.
> As for the title, /Web 2.0/ means so many things to so many people and 
> the title needs to say Javascript. How about /Best of Breed Javascript 
> in a Portal Environment/ or /Safe and Sane Javascript in Portal 
> environment/ or /Fearless Javascript for Portal Developers/. OK, 
> definitely Friday afternoon, maybe I can come up with something better 
> on Monday. 
> - Eli
> On Jan 11, 2008, at 2:22 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> I've been bouncing around the idea of a technical, hands-on DHTML  
>> programming seminar for the JA-SIG conference. It's just an idea at  
>> this stage, and I'd have to gauge interest and resources within the  
>> community before committing to it.
>> The goal of the seminar would be to provide an overview of "modern"  
>> JavaScript programming practices: how to write DHTML code that will  
>> play nice in a portal, is accessible, and leverages the unique  
>> strengths of the language. Ideally, we'd provide hands-on programming  
>> exercises to go with it.
>> So consider this my draft proposal for a Fluid technical seminar. Keep  
>> in mind I'm terrible at coming up with titles. :)
>> Title: Web 2.0 Programming Techniques in a Portal Environment
>> Description: This session will provide developers with a hands-on  
>> understanding of modern JavaScript and DHTML programming techniques  
>> within the complex environment of a portal. We'll cover:
>>   * Unique features of the JavaScript programming language
>>   * How to use the jQuery and Fluid toolkits
>>   * Techniques for avoiding collisions with other JavaScript code  
>> running in the portal
>>   * How to make your DHTML code more accessible
>> Length: Half-day seminar, pre-conference
>> Proposed Presenter: Members of the Fluid community
>> So then, my next question to the Fluid community is, who's interested  
>> in collaborating on this seminar with me?
>> Just an idea,
>> Colin
>> On 10-Jan-08, at 5:56 PM, Paul Zablosky wrote:
>>> Following up on my posting about the upcoming JA-SIG Spring 2008  
>>> Conference, I'm soliciting suggestions for half-day seminars and  
>>> tutorials to take place at the beginning and end of the event..
>>> The conference will take place April 27-30 at the Crowne Plaza  
>>> Hotel, St. Paul, MN. There will be participation from several higher  
>>> education community source projects, including uPortal, Fedora,  
>>> Internet2, Kuali, Sakai, and -- of course -- Fluid.
>>> We're hoping to have at least one Fluid-specific seminar, or one  
>>> that relates closely to Fluid goals, principles, technologies, or  
>>> techniques.
>>> If you'd like to see the sorts of topics that have been addressed in  
>>> the past, take a look at the 2007 Sunday and Wednesday seminars at  
>>> the JA-SIG 2007 Conference in Denver -- or any of the previous JA- 
>>> SIG conferences.  Topics can be deeply technical or of broad general  
>>> interest, but the approach is usually tutorial.  They can be aimed  
>>> at any group within the participating communities, but there's a  
>>> huge benefit when they cross community boundaries.  Topics that  
>>> require a full day for presentation can be spread across two half- 
>>> day sessions (morning and afternoon on Sunday, usually).
>>> There is an extra fee charged to seminar attendees, but the  
>>> presenter is rewarded with free registration to the conference.
>>> If you have an idea for a topic or a presenter you'd like to see,  
>>> please let me know right away.  (The planning committee is in the  
>>> process of finalizing the schedule.  I apologize for the short  
>>> notice.)  If possible, please include the following information:
>>> • Title - a phrase or one sentence summary
>>> • Description - approximately 4 - 5 sentences describing what an  
>>> attendee would expect to hear about; (graphics can also be included)
>>> • Length - whether you expect the session to be a half-day or full- 
>>> day seminar
>>> • Pre or Post - whether you would rather see the seminar on Sunday  
>>> (pre-conference) or on Wednesday (post-conference)
>>> • Proposed presenter
>>> There are so many interesting threads of interest, ideas,  
>>> techniques, and disciplines in the Fluid project, that I'm confident  
>>> there are some really great seminars just waiting to be given.    
>>> Please post your suggestions to this list, or send them to me  
>>> directly.
>>> Paul
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