Adding the GPL to Fluid license? - requesting input

Sheila Crossey sheila.crossey at
Thu Jan 10 16:44:17 UTC 2008


I think you have a good point. I'm not sure it would allay their concerns 
unless perhaps there is some intangible benefit that they would see. So 
really the perceived "benefit" of adding the GPL may be illusory.


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> My understanding of the issue is that "pro GPL" developers are concerned 
> that their contributions to a body of code (Fluid) that is susceptible to 
> a 3rd party snatching it up under the "business friendly" BSD license, 
> enhancing it and NEVER releasing their 3rd party enhancements back to the 
> community would be a bad thing.
> I'm not sure how licensing Fluid under multiple licenses would allay their 
> concerns.
> Can you help me get it?
> Sean

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