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There is a body of research in this, spearheaded by IBM. I will see 
if we can have access to this. It was related to their work on the 
Kyoto City web site, see This is 
a good example of personal transformation for accessibility and 
language needs. There is also research done by SALT in collaboration 
with AccessForAll. Madeleine Rothberg can provide us with the 
documents. Liddy Neville conducted research while in Tskuba and 
published this in a number of journals. Her doctoral students at 
LaTrobe also conducted research in the area.


At 10:55 AM -0500 1/8/08, Barbara Glover wrote:
>Hi Daphne/Allison
>We had an interesting discussion here yesterday about User Interface 
>Transformations.  We did a brainstorming session on UI Adaption and 
>UI Configuration and what might be some use cases.  Here is the link 
>to Colin's document.
>Ideas from our brainstorming:
>UI Adaption:
>- Flexible layouts and linearization
>- Enhanced Navigation
>- Alternative Control Strategies
>- Control
>	- keyboard remapping for avoiding conflicts, alt. tabbing behaviors
>	- quicker more efficient keyboard navigation
>One thing that came out of our discussion was that while we have 
>some good ideas about ways people may want to make the user 
>interface more adaptive, we don't have any research on this.  So 
>perhaps we can include in our user research plan ways to gather some 
>information on users who need their interdaces transformed, how, and 
>under what contexts, etc.
>Just wanted to put this up for discussion since we're working on the 
>user research plan.
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