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> Sounds like a great idea Kristol!  I'd say go for it.  Should we
> create a new confluence space for this work or is there an existing
> one (that I can't find) that we should use?

There is the 2.3-era page that others have already referred to in the
Resources project:

I would suggest, however, that it would worth moving that page to the
User Interaction/User Experience space, or just starting with a new page
in that space and linking to the old one, to encompass the global,
cross-Sakai, multiple-rendering engine work on the Calendar Widget that
is discussed in the Feature Request (SAK-7000, "Standard Calendar
Widget(s) for Date-Time Selection"):

Perhaps an easy first step would be to figure out how many of the
requirements listed in SAK-7000 (and its linked issues) and on the
Resources' Confluence page are already met by the specs of the RSF
implementation and which ones are still unresolved.


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