Thought the CI folks would be interested in this thread about on-line virtual whiteboards...

Daphne Ogle daphne at
Fri Feb 29 22:48:42 UTC 2008

For a little context:  The contextual inquiry folks have been  
thinking about the best way to do creative and deep analysis work  
across our distributed locations.  We'll be doing user and behavioral  
modeling to make sense of the raw data we ae gathering in the CIs.

Anybody used any of these in the list (link below)?  It looks like  
all the suggestions (or sort of suggestions since there is no clear  
solution -- maybe we're in the wrong business :) ) are commercial  
products unfortunately.  So far (if face to face isn't an option) I  
still feel like video conferencing with multiple cameras (to cover  
our whiteboards and the people) sounds the most promising.

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