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Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at
Tue Feb 19 14:30:16 UTC 2008

Technically, the underlying structure is there for the reorderer to be  
able to support this case. There would be some work involved in  
implementing a new 'LayoutHandler' for the reorderer but it shouldn't  
be extensive. Of course there are also questions that we'd need to  
answer about the server's role in this. Would the new overlapping  
layout be persisted?

The more complicated issue with this type of interaction is the user  
experience of it especially for a keyboard only user. I have seen  
implementations that try to accomplish this by using arrow keys and  
moving an item pixel by pixel but talk about repetitive strain! :) It  
seems that we have some interesting conversations ahead of us with  
respect to new uses of the reorderer.


On 18-Feb-08, at 11:26 AM, Knoop, Peter wrote:

> Hi,
>> From looking at the demo I get the sense that the lightbox/re-order
> might only support moving objects around in a snap-to-grid, auto- 
> arrange
> sort of way?  What I'm thinking of here is support for the ability to
> drag objects to specific spots on the screen, or dragging objects such
> that they might overlap other objects, or leaving blank "spots"  
> between
> objects to move other objects to later.  Is this possible?
> As an example, I have a bunch of thumbnail images of students' screens
> from ImageQuiz, on which they've sketched out a response to a question
> or a concept map in class, and I want to quickly drag them into a few
> different piles to sort out the responses.  Everyone can look at the
> size of those piles to see what the proportions of responses are for
> different opinions; if it's a right-wrong type experience, then  
> there is
> hopefully just one big pile.  I might also choose to grab a pile and
> spread them out in a snap-to-grad, auto-arrange way to talk about the
> variability in a set of the related responses, but leave the other  
> piles
> on the sides of the view for reference.
> Thanks.
> -peter
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