Reorder/Image Gallery

Knoop, Peter knoop at
Mon Feb 18 16:26:39 UTC 2008


>From looking at the demo I get the sense that the lightbox/re-order
might only support moving objects around in a snap-to-grid, auto-arrange
sort of way?  What I'm thinking of here is support for the ability to
drag objects to specific spots on the screen, or dragging objects such
that they might overlap other objects, or leaving blank "spots" between
objects to move other objects to later.  Is this possible?

As an example, I have a bunch of thumbnail images of students' screens
from ImageQuiz, on which they've sketched out a response to a question
or a concept map in class, and I want to quickly drag them into a few
different piles to sort out the responses.  Everyone can look at the
size of those piles to see what the proportions of responses are for
different opinions; if it's a right-wrong type experience, then there is
hopefully just one big pile.  I might also choose to grab a pile and
spread them out in a snap-to-grad, auto-arrange way to talk about the
variability in a set of the related responses, but leave the other piles
on the sides of the view for reference.



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