Draft report for Mellon Retreat please review

Paul Zablosky Paul.Zablosky at ubc.ca
Mon Feb 11 19:16:56 UTC 2008

    A very good example (I think) of how Fluid is providing value to the 
participating communities in a very direct way is Colin's planned 
tutorial on Fearless JavaScript 
at the upcoming JA-SIG conference.  The topic addresses an area not yet 
well-served by available references and textbooks.  The presentation 
addresses some of the risks mentioned in the *Marketing/Evangelism* 
section of the report.


Jutta Treviranus wrote:
> Hi all,
> Attached is the draft Fluid report for the Mellon retreat. The 
> suggested length is 4 to 5 pages. The report is 9 pages but I have not 
> compressed the formatting. Some of the initial stuff is directly from 
> the proposal to Mellon (with minor corrections). It is due today.
> Please send me any edits or additions by 3pm ET today and I will try 
> to incorporate them.
> thanks
> Jutta
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