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Jonathan Hung jonathan.hung at
Tue Feb 5 20:56:44 UTC 2008

Hi everyone.

I have been researching ways of minifying / packing the Fluid code and came
across some interesting resources in the process.

CompressorRater (
- takes your javascript source code and compresses it using the top 4 JS
compressors (JSMin, Dojo ShrinkSafe, Packer, and YUI Compressor) and gives
you a comparison of the results.

YSlow (
- a FireBug plugin that allows you to examine a website and determine why it
is slow. It will report "violations" like poor CSS, too many HTTP requests,
and un-minified JavaScript.
- YSlow also has JSLint built in to validate your JavaScript.

Ant Script to JSMinify, Compress, and JSLint (
- an ant script that runs JSLint, JSMin, and YUI Compressor
- interesting that they run BOTH JSMin and YUI Compressor. YUI Compressor is
supposed to be "as safe as JSMin, but better compression", so I wonder about
the motivation for using both minifiers?

Just thought I'd share some of these resources. Please feel free to share
your own resources as well. If there's enough interest, then perhaps this
can make it into the Wiki.

- Jonathan.

Jonathan Hung / jonathan.hung at
University of Toronto - ATRC
Tel: (416) 946-3002
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