The Use Of URLs Within Sakai

Antranig Basman antranig at
Tue Feb 5 17:51:22 UTC 2008

As the outcome of some Framework/Kernel/Technical discussions we had
at Newport, I have put together a first draft of a page which tries
to document the URL spaces and suitable uses of all the URL schemes
we have within Sakai, and also start to make recommendations for
future usage.

Naturally the recommendations section is particularly poorly 
representative since so far only my personal viewpoint has been
taken into account, so all are invited to pitch in with their
thoughts about how we might set about improving Sakai's general
URL idiom, including but not limited to
i) the use and relationship of Entity and Portal URLs
ii) the use of tool-based URLs as opposed to more RESTful helper/
iii) the use of URLs at all, as opposed to some information stored
in session state (as well as the ancient chestnut "tool reset"/
back button discussion)

(note also previous post dedicated to helpers)


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