Date-Time Picker Update

Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at
Fri Dec 19 04:39:36 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

Erin and I have been making progress on the Date-Time Picker, and have  
some new wireframes available for review at: 
. We are still trying to determine whether to use a "tabbed" (see  
wireframes) or  "rolling" time picker (see wireframes and 
. If both seem like feasible options to the community, we plan to do  
user testing on both of them asap in January. Please let us know if  
you have feedback on how either of these two options would work in  
your context.

One potential advantage of the tabbed time picker is that it can be  
more easily combined with the date picker in cases where date-time is  
a single field (e.g. Mneme & Modules in Sakai, see 
. We'd be very interested in hearing from the community about whether  
it would be a problem to split date & time into two fields in these  
(or other) situations. If so, we are thinking about other options for  
combining the 'rolling' time picker with the date picker, but are not  
sure these two pieces are well-suited to becoming a combined component.

We've also been working on localization & internationalization  
guidelines for the Date-Time Picker ( 
), and would love to have any input from folks on things we may be  

Finally, we are in the process of creating storycards for the Date  
Picker portion of the component only (since the Time Picker is still  
in flux). Check them out at: 
  -- though they are still in draft form, we'd love to hear from  
developers as to whether the way we've started to organize them makes  

Happy almost holidays, everyone!
Allison & Erin

Allison Bloodworth
Senior User Interaction Designer
Educational Technology Services
University of California, Berkeley
(415) 377-8243
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