VULAB-125 Resolved! - New Database Schema Outline

Peter Rowley prowley at
Tue Dec 16 05:30:35 UTC 2008

Hi Blake and all,

Blake and I will be discussing the schema tomorrow in Connect at  
1:30, but here are some initial comments.

- In projects, is author_id meant to match user_id in users?
- It'd be helpful to have datatypes for the fields ("columns" in  
database-speak), like number, date, string (with max length), or  
boolean and brief phrases that describe what they mean
- Similarly, it's important to have a brief phrase to describe the  
role of each table
- I guess pre_survey_id and post_survey_id match survey_id in surveys?
- What's response_limit in projects?
- What's competestamp in projects?
- What's the meaning of a row in project_access?
- Is longstamp in users the last login date/time, or some other?
- What is client_details for?  status_codes?
- In surveys, you say you have an array of questions, but then it  
looks like survey_questions is a table that has the questions in a  
survey (and I think you need a survey_question_id to be a primary key  
for that)
- same issues for questions with question_types
- What does video_id in responses mean?
- I think we need to work through what value means in responses; in  
particular, what does it mean if it's different from the  
corresponding value in choices

In general, I expect that you'd find it useful to create some sample  
tables for two projects, each with one survey with two questions each  
with two choices (not sure what groups are, so that would factor in)  
and then the experiment is run with two users.  That would help  
people understand some of the tables like client_details and  

Some stuff to chew on


On Dec 15, 2008, at 11:11 AM, electBlake wrote:

> Hey Guys,
> Just wanted to keep you up to date with the cool happenings of  
> VULab Web :)
> With the holidays coming up, I'm on a blitz to have all of the  
> planning documentation for this framework switch done before we  
> leave :)
> Here is the start: a database schema - http:// 
> which refers to wiki post here: 
> display/fluid/VULab+Database+Schema+Planning
> Comments & Questions are always welcome!
> - Blake

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