Inline Edit Suggestions

E.J. Zufelt everett at
Wed Dec 10 12:18:52 UTC 2008

Good morning,

After having tested the inline edit example ( ) 
with JAWS 10, I have the following feedback.

1. After I press enter to submit changes to the editable text the edit 
control remains visible to JAWS.  It was mentioned on irc yesterday that 
this could be because the edit control is being hidden with visible:hidden. 
I have tested this and it is correct.  The edit control needs to be hidden 
with display:none.

I have made an example to demonstrate at ( ).  JAWS detects the first 
two edit controls on my example page, but not the third.

2. I think that role:button is a bit misleading to screen-reader users.  I 
think that a better way of classifying editable text would be role:textbox 
property:readonly.  Someone might have to help me out here because when I 
created a div with these attributes (see bottom of my example page) JAWS 10 
identified it as an editable textbox and did not place any of the original 
text within it.

Looking forward to your feedback,
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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