Do You Sizzle?

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Fri Dec 5 15:35:28 UTC 2008

Good Morning!

Anyone read up on Sizzle? - A Javascript DOM CSS Selector Library to  
rule them all...

"The Sizzle project is a JavaScript library for performing selections
across a DOM tree using CSS selectors. The library is designed to be
standalone (have no external dependencies), lightweight, fast, and
extensible. This culminates in a library that is perfectly suited for
integration into other libraries. While it’s feasible that a developer
may use Sizzle directly the target audience for it is other library

Right now the following libraries are adopting or are looking to adopt
Sizzle as their primary CSS selector engine:

     * jQuery
     * Prototype
     * Dojo
     * MochiKit
     * TinyMCE
     * PURE
     * reglib
     * Haxe

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