Date Picker Show & Tell Part 2

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Tue Dec 2 22:59:46 UTC 2008

Looking at the wireframes for the time picker, I have been wondering 
about how you plan to distinguish between 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight. 
I couldn't find an answer to this in the design pages.  Do you plan to 
have the AM/PM change to Noon/Midnight when exactly 12:00 o'clock is 
displayed?  This is probably the best way to get around the usual 
confusion on this topic, but it may also be worthwhile to do a bit of 
user testing as well.


Erin Yu wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Here is where Allison and I are at regarding Date Picker. 
> We have tested our initial design with the users using paper 
> prototypes. The date picker was a familiar and straightforward 
> interaction to them, whereas the wheel-like time picker wasn't as 
> popular. Many users thought the hour, minute, and am/pm wheels were 
> stuck together and rotated together. We think that the users might 
> have perceived it differently if the visual cues and interaction of a 
> dynamic implementation were available. Jacob was able to quickly put 
> together an interactive prototype of the time picker, and we'd like to 
> test it with the users to see if it's better. We will send out the 
> link to the prototype when it is ready. 
> The user testing results are posted here:
> The storyboards shown to the users are posted here:
> Based on the user feedback, we slightly modified the behaviour of 
> mouse-overed, selected, and previously selected dates. The new design 
> is posted here:
> We had a productive discussion about the date and time picker with 
> Antranig and Jonathan at the all-hands.  One of the technical concerns 
> was that since the time picker wheel is fixed around the text field, 
> it might get cut off when the text field is at the very bottom of the 
> page. Eli did a quick test and was able to tell us that when the the 
> time picker pops up at the bottom of the page, the extra area of the 
> page can become scrollable to show the full length of the time picker. 
> Some of us thought it would be a good idea to put date and time picker 
> in one text field/ one pop-up, others thought it would be better to 
> separate the two. Let us know if you think one interaction or the 
> other would better suit your use cases or be more usable for your 
> users. We've also explored the tabbed picker that toggles between date 
> and time once you've picked them. A rough draft of this idea is shown 
> at the bottom of this page (also shows a modified version of the time 
> picker):
> Thanks for reading!
> More to come,
> Allison & Erin 
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