Date Picker Show & Tell Part 2

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Tue Dec 2 17:19:51 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

Here is where Allison and I are at regarding Date Picker.

We have tested our initial design with the users using paper  
prototypes. The date picker was a familiar and straightforward  
interaction to them, whereas the wheel-like time picker wasn't as  
popular. Many users thought the hour, minute, and am/pm wheels were  
stuck together and rotated together. We think that the users might  
have perceived it differently if the visual cues and interaction of a  
dynamic implementation were available. Jacob was able to quickly put  
together an interactive prototype of the time picker, and we'd like to  
test it with the users to see if it's better. We will send out the  
link to the prototype when it is ready.

The user testing results are posted here:

The storyboards shown to the users are posted here:

Based on the user feedback, we slightly modified the behaviour of  
mouse-overed, selected, and previously selected dates. The new design  
is posted here:

We had a productive discussion about the date and time picker with  
Antranig and Jonathan at the all-hands.  One of the technical concerns  
was that since the time picker wheel is fixed around the text field,  
it might get cut off when the text field is at the very bottom of the  
page. Eli did a quick test and was able to tell us that when the the  
time picker pops up at the bottom of the page, the extra area of the  
page can become scrollable to show the full length of the time picker.

Some of us thought it would be a good idea to put date and time picker  
in one text field/ one pop-up, others thought it would be better to  
separate the two. Let us know if you think one interaction or the  
other would better suit your use cases or be more usable for your  
users. We've also explored the tabbed picker that toggles between date  
and time once you've picked them. A rough draft of this idea is shown  
at the bottom of this page (also shows a modified version of the time  

Thanks for reading!
More to come,
Allison & Erin

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