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Jess Mitchell jess at
Thu Aug 28 04:25:23 UTC 2008

Hey Folks,

A number of things motivated this document:
1. I want to make sure everyone knows how his/her work fits into the  
larger goals
2. We are launching into a period of integration of the components,  
and so our community is swelling
3. A number of our activities are nicely mapping to a number of  
opportunities -- convergence (good for components and good for us) and  
convergence can also make the community more complex.
4. While these opportunities for integration are evolving, they are  
still ambiguous and would benefit from having a lot of communication  
about them.
5. Talking through this should help the whole team have clarity

To start our conversation about roadmapping for Fluid, have a look at  
the attached PDF.  It's a bit messy and jumbled once you start to try  
to follow the lines, but it all makes good sense and even more, the  
lines are a good sign that all of our work is coming together.  It is  
complex enough that I'm really looking forward to talking about it  
with you after standup today, Thursday.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts (and any additions to this doc).


Jess Mitchell
Project Manager / Fluid Project
jess at
/ w / 617.326.7753  / c / 919.599.5378
jabber: jessmitchell at

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