Remote Accessibility Capture

Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at
Wed Aug 27 13:35:43 UTC 2008

On 26-Aug-08, at 12:02 AM, David Makalsky wrote:

> Remote Access Capture (RAC).

Ok, just brainstorming:

Is it actually Remote? Is it web-based, with the files stored  
somewhere other than the actual user's computer?

Regarding the word 'access' or 'accessibility': I think  
'accessibility' is certainly overloaded, and doesn't *seem* to apply  
here. I'm not sure of the motivation for the word 'access'?

'Capture' seems quite appropriate in this context.

Assuming that the tool is remote, and that the remoteness is, in fact,  
a selling point:

Remote Usability Capture Tool (RUCT? ok, maybe not)
Remove Usability Testing Tool (RUTT? hm, not much better)
Remote Capture
Remove Activity Capture (RAC)

ok, now really veering into left field...

Usability Spy

Ok, I'll stop now :-)

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