Updates for creating Design Framework tasks

Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 21 00:54:13 UTC 2008

Okay, Allison and I have been working on our inline edit framework  
tasks.  We needed to make changes and comments so decided the inline  
edit tasks were not the best "template" for creating design framework  
tasks for the other components.   So we changed the tasks we reviewed  
in the meeting (and that are part of the "DesignFramework Example"  
filter) to be under the "Design Framework" component.  That way those  
tasks stay pristine moving forward.  We just cloned those for our  
inline edit tasks and now we can do whatever we want with them.   This  
is really an FYI so no one is suprised when you go to close the tasks  
and they are actually under the Design Framework component rather than  
Inline Edit.  This won't affect anyone that has already created their  

A suggestion based on our work:  we tagged the inline edit tasks with  
both inline edit and design framework components so that we can sort  
for those parent tasks without confusing them with just inline edit or  
just design framework tasks.  We assume that sorting will be useful  
moving forward.

Make sense?  Sorry for any confusion!

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
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daphne at media.berkeley.edu
cell (510)847-0308

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