NOTE: meetings coming up -- changes in regular meeting times

Jess Mitchell jess at
Fri Aug 15 22:44:51 UTC 2008

Dear All,

Below are some changes we've recently made to the Team Calendar.   
Please have a look...
As always the Google Calendar is up-to-date:

Daily Standup (starting Monday): 10a PDT, 1p EDT, 6p BST	(i'll poke my  
head into Breeze at 11:45a EDT to make sure I can update anyone who  
shows up at the previous time).  As was true with the original  
meeting, this should be a 15 - 20 minute meeting where members give  
updates on what they're working on and then touch base with colleagues  
they need to have further meetings with.  This meeting is not an all  
staff, mandatory meeting -- think of it as a socially engineered  
meeting at the coffee pot every day.

Daphne's Design Framework meeting: 11a PDT, 2p EDT, 7p BST 	(we'll go  
over Daphne's document at: 
  action items will come out of this meeting for configuring JIRA  
tasks to match our process document

UX Iteration Planning meeting: 11a PDT, 2p EDT, 7p BST 	(we'll go over  
priorities and will follow our newly repaired and organized JIRAs)

As always if this isn't going to work out, please let me know.
Erin, if we stick to the 15-20 minute limit and don't always schedule  
2pm meetings, perhaps Toronto can do-lunch after the standup and into  
2p.  I'll bring snacks when I come visit to hold y'all over.
John C. we'll give you a recap of the Monday Design Framework mtg.  
when it will work for you.

I apologize for the changes, but am excited to have a combined standup.


Jess Mitchell
Project Manager / Fluid Project
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