how many times should we stand-up?

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Fri Aug 15 15:19:57 UTC 2008

Dear All,

The Fluid Project has two standups right now:
the regular, team standup at 8:45a PDT, 11:45a EDT, 4:45p BST
the design standup at 11:00a PDT, 2:00p EDT, 7:00p BST

I'd like to recommend, based on the conversation we had at the last  
retrospective ( 
) and based on the work I'm doing to integrate the planning and work  
of the Development and Design groups (stay tuned for more info about  
this), that we have 1 standup that everyone is invited to attend and  
we hold it at 10:00a PDT, 1:00p EDT, 6:00p BST.

We should still aim to keep the meeting to 15-20 minutes and if things  
seem as though they're going to go beyond that, then folks should use  
the stand-up to kick-start direct conversations with each other on  
IRC, Skype chat, Breeze channels, email, or IM.

Don't be deterred if you have a mtg. on Monday at the time I'm  
proposing and you'd miss the standup -- standup should just be a  
gathering together, not a formal all-staff meeting.  What do y'all  


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