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Fri Aug 15 13:57:58 UTC 2008


On 15-Aug-08, at 8:58 AM, Gonzalo Silverio wrote:
> So this would involve identifying HTML elements, and within that,
> attributes, that have correlates in the 3 contexts? Or just 2 of  
> them? Is
> the lookup attribute the HTML attribute? I imagine so.

I'll let Eli weigh in with his thinking here. Any help and ideas you  
have would be really great.

> Also - I ask out of sheer ignorance and in complete innocence - why  
> is IE 6
> a concern? I assume that since Eli brought it up it is a supported  
> browser,
> but just want to make sure. It looks like if Moodle or Sakai support  
> it then
> Fluid supports it. Does this mean that if they did  not Fluid would  
> be free
> from it?

Browser support is a huge frustration for client-side developers.  
Older versions of IE really slow down the development process, and  
they're a huge source of roadblocks to innovation.

For the moment, I'm tracking Yahoo!'s A-grade list as a source of  
inspiration for browser support in Fluid. They've got a pretty good  
picture of the overall market share of various browsers, and we've  
found that slowly building support for all the browsers in the grid is  
feasible. Justin Obara, our QA lead, has done a great job of tracking  
our browser support status.



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