state management plug-in idea

Gonzalo Silverio gsilver at
Fri Aug 15 12:58:49 UTC 2008


So this would involve identifying HTML elements, and within that,
attributes, that have correlates in the 3 contexts? Or just 2 of them? Is
the lookup attribute the HTML attribute? I imagine so.

I could help with this, if needed.

Also - I ask out of sheer ignorance and in complete innocence - why is IE 6
a concern? I assume that since Eli brought it up it is a supported browser,
but just want to make sure. It looks like if Moodle or Sakai support it then
Fluid supports it. Does this mean that if they did  not Fluid would be free
from it?

So many questions!


On 8/14/08 5:51 PM, "Colin Clark" <colin.clark at> wrote:

> This is where the real work would come in, but I think it could
> probably be done fairly easily by someone who felt like developing an
> intimate familiarity with the HTML spec. Certainly the jQuery plugin
> part is trivial, it's just a matter of capturing all the rules for
> specific elements.

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