Inline Edit: Blanks -- initial, embedded, and trailing

Gary Thompson gary at
Wed Aug 13 00:02:38 UTC 2008

In relation to the inline editor,  I went back through the various 
inline edit threads and sorted out the following behavior questions:

- What is the signal that something can be edited inline?
- Display hover text after x seconds?
- Enforce a character limit?
- Show the character limit/character total?
- Use default/prompt text when there is no user-entered text?
- What happens when multiple lines are pasted?
- Can html/code/scripts be submitted?
- Is there validation of the entry?
- Use explicit save/cancel?
- Does clicking outside the inline edit interface save or cancel?
- What are the right keyboard only/screen reader keys for inline edit?

Which are now posted at the bottom of this page:

...where some of the questions have already been answered.

To help answer the remaining questions, I did a comparative analysis of 
other popular sites using inline edit (Plaxo, Facebook, Flickr, Google 
Calendar), and posted the results at the top of this page:


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