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Jacob Farber jacob.farber at utoronto.ca
Fri Aug 8 21:05:01 UTC 2008

After throwing this example around, Antranig and Anastasia helped point 
out a critical point:
when the modules and columns selectors are called they must **scope 
nicely within the container. **
So...forgetting for a second the ID requirements of the layout 
customizer, if I wanted to write minimalist code like :

<div id="container">


and then naturally gravitate to write this as the initialization code...

fluid.reorderLayout ("#container", {
    columns: "#container > div",
    modules: "#container > div > div"

.... this wont work because calling ("#container > div") as is scoped 
within ("#container") will give you nothing, even though they should be 
perfectly legal columns and modules to work with the component.
I spoke with Anastasia for a while about the purpose of scoping within 
the internals of the layout customizer code, but I think we need to 
reconsider how its done: instead of automatically scoping selectors to 
within the container for all jQuery calls, why not simply allow the 
implementor to use whatever selector pattern they prefer (allowing them 
to use whatever markup they prefer) and THEN verify its a legal module 
or column? Am I misunderstanding how the component works?

Just a thought.

Jacob Farber wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> If you have a moment, could you please test this markup:
>         <div id="sample" class="columnSetup">
>             <div id="id_column_1" class="myColumn">
>                 <h2>Column A</h2>
>                 <div id="id_1" class="mySortable">Drag me! Content goes 
> here...A</div>
>                 <div id="id_2" class="mySortable">Drag me! Content goes 
> here...</div>
>                 <div id="id_3">Static Content</div>
>                 <div id="id_4">Static Content</div>
>             </div>
>         </div>
>       </div>
> with these jQuery selectors:
> jQuery(".myColumn") and jQuery("columnSetup > div")
> ...and please let me know if they return different things. They should 
> return the exact same things. I'm running into a scenario when the 
> latter returns and error, and the former doesnt.
> Thanks
> Jacob
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