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Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 8 01:51:42 UTC 2008

Works for me!

On Aug 7, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Erin Yu wrote:

> Hi,
> We''re in the process of documenting the findings and  
> recommendations from the Uploader user testing:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/File+Uploader+User+Testing+-+Round+2+Results
> (John at UBC: Feel free to add to this page, so all of our results are  
> in one place. Once we do another design iteration and another set of  
> user testing, we'll make use of the Round 3 page you've created. :)
> It would be great if those of us who sat with the users and anyone  
> else interested could meet early next week to discuss the findings  
> and ideas for improvements.
> Here's an overview of the main issues we collectively discovered:
> 1) Discovering multiple upload: We could put a simple text such as  
> "Select multiple" to let the users know it's possible. Full  
> instructions on how to select multiple files can be included.
> 2) Pause: It is a stretch to expect users to Pause before adding ore  
> removing files to/from the upload queue. There are a few suggestions  
> regarding this one.
> 3) Progress bar: Some users found the individual progress bar AND  
> the total progress bar confusing.
> 4) Errors: If upload is unsuccessful, we display a warning message  
> but don't allow users to take any actions. Instead of displaying the  
> warning sign and no options to take any actions, we could provide  
> [Try again] and [Remove] buttons.
> How does next Tuesday at 2pm EST/ 11am PST sound for everyone?
> Erin
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