Uploader User Testing Results & Redesign

Erin Yu erin.yu at utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 7 21:58:40 UTC 2008


We''re in the process of documenting the findings and recommendations  
from the Uploader user testing:
(John at UBC: Feel free to add to this page, so all of our results are  
in one place. Once we do another design iteration and another set of  
user testing, we'll make use of the Round 3 page you've created. :)

It would be great if those of us who sat with the users and anyone  
else interested could meet early next week to discuss the findings  
and ideas for improvements.

Here's an overview of the main issues we collectively discovered:

1) Discovering multiple upload: We could put a simple text such as  
"Select multiple" to let the users know it's possible. Full  
instructions on how to select multiple files can be included.

2) Pause: It is a stretch to expect users to Pause before adding ore  
removing files to/from the upload queue. There are a few suggestions  
regarding this one.

3) Progress bar: Some users found the individual progress bar AND the  
total progress bar confusing.

4) Errors: If upload is unsuccessful, we display a warning message  
but don't allow users to take any actions. Instead of displaying the  
warning sign and no options to take any actions, we could provide  
[Try again] and [Remove] buttons.

How does next Tuesday at 2pm EST/ 11am PST sound for everyone?


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