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Anastasia Cheetham a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Wed Apr 30 21:51:52 UTC 2008

On 30-Apr-08, at 11:35 AM, Eli Cochran wrote:

> I haven't ... entered these into JIRA:

Michelle and I actually created JIRAs for some of these, and a couple  
already existed. They are all children of FLUID-334 ("Build a File  
Upload Component")

> 	• Review unit test code for Uploader

> 	• Keyboard handlers

> 	• ARIA support

> 	• UI tweaking based on Erin and Daphne's user test input and designs

> 	• Multi-instance

> 	• Error handling testing
> 	• Cross-browser testing
> 	• Review Upload pattern

These don't have JIRAs yet. Eli, if you get around to filing them be  
for we do, they should probably be added as subtasks of FLUID-334,  
along with the other.

> Any other tasks?

There are
FLUID-352, "Community design review of File Upload component"
FLUID-496, "Re-factor for Uploader in a DHTML dialog scenario"
FLUID-519, "Create a tutorial for how to use the Multi-file Uploader"

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