Joseph Scheuhammer clown at utoronto.ca
Fri Apr 18 18:40:27 UTC 2008

Thanks Eli,

Does this come close?  Admittedly, it's for a single-range 
(single-thumb?) slider:

There is one wrinkle in the double-thumb slider and that is movement of 
one of the thumbs is constrained to not go beyond the other thumb.  All 
movement of a particular thumb would be restricted to the range defined 
by the other thumb (did that make sense?).
> As for the keystrokes, I think that it makes sense if it is a tab and 
> arrowkey combination. Tab to the element and then move the element 
> using the directional keys. Similar to reordering an item in a list. I 
> always like arrows for movement, it seems natural.
> I would also allow for larger jumps than single step increments. Most 
> layout and drawing applications use the arrow key alone to move by 1 
> (whatever 1 means in the context) and then shift-arrow to mean move by 
> 1x (where x is usually 10 or the next grid step or, again, whatever 
> makes sense in the context). 

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