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I am not a UX person, but in thinking about it from a user perspective  
I would say that it seems that context and user goals would determine  
usability. For example, if I were going to use this as a date range  
picker for my assignment, I would like it less than the use of a small  
calendar, because the calendar is the primary context for thinking  
about the semester and due dates. However, if I were in a project  
management tool and creating a project plan which will be visualized  
via a gantt chart, a horizontal slider would make good sense.

On Apr 18, 2008, at 8:37 AM, Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:

> Sorry for sending this twice, but I forgot to include the fluid-work
> mailing list last time.
> All,
>> The form I've seen is a slider with two thumbs, allowing the user to
>> select two endpoints of a range, thereby selecting a range.
> Here are some examples:
> http://www.ajaxorized.com/dateslider/slider.html
> http://tobias.klpstn.com/dojo/dojox/widget/tests/test_RangeSlider.html
> http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/ui/demos/ui.slider.html, examples 3  
> and 4.
> Main issues are:
> 1. what are the keystrokes for keyboard access?  This question has
> already been forwarded to the dhtml style guide group.
> 2. what are the role(s) and properties?  Is it a new role (sub-range
> slider)?  A new sub-role?
> Overarching the above is a question as to whether this is a usable
> widget.  Perhaps that's not a question for this group (wai-pfwg),  
> and it
> looks like the horse has left the barn (or is leaving soon), so  
> perhaps
> it's moot.  I would like to seek advice from user experience folks  
> about
> this new widget, hence I'm cc'ing the fluid-work list.  Fluid-work  
> list:
> this is the same widget Eli brought up last Jan:
> http://fluidproject.org/pipermail/fluid-work/2008-January/001341.html
> David Bolter wrote:
>> What we are beginning to see are widgets that allow the user to  
>> select
>> a range. The form I've seen is a slider with two thumbs, allowing the
>> user to select two endpoints of a range, thereby selecting a range.
>> This is a strange beast.  Seems like an unlawful marriage of role
>> slider and property multiselect.  What do we want to do with it?
>> Out in the wild, I see at least jquery has one, and one is landing in
>> dojox (the dojo staging area).
>> We discussed this on #wai-aria today to the point of thinking we
>> needed to raise the issue. (Hopefully not to push the last call date,
>> but to just get a basic plan ready, and consider impact on roles and
>> wording, specifically perhaps the range role)
>> cheers,
>> David
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