SWF Uploader issue

Eli Cochran eli at media.berkeley.edu
Thu Apr 17 13:27:05 UTC 2008

Thanks for that info. I assume that you mean Opera 9.27. If your using  
Opera 2.27, you're even more of a luddite than Antranig.

I do still have some worries about the complexity of the SWFUpload  
based system, but I don't see any other good options out there for  
multi-file upload.

We have not started any cross-browser, cross-platform testing but that  
should be coming soon.

And given how broadly this solution is being used by other  
applications, I'll bet that there is a fix in the pipeline.

- Eli

On Apr 17, 2008, at 1:25 AM, Nick Desmet wrote:
> Hi,
> When testing a multi file uploader system using SWFUpload, I ran into
> some problems when testing it on Opera 2.27 using a Mac (mac os x  
> 10.4.11).
> The browse for file window will pop up, but after that the upload
> component halts which results in no files being uploaded.
> This also failed when using Opera 2.50 beta client.
> I tried the swfuploader on a vista box using the same opera version  
> and
> that worked, so their must be a Mac os x related issue somewhere.
> Nick Desmet
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