Drag and drop behaviour for the Layout Customizer

Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 16 23:33:18 UTC 2008

Does anyone know where the user testing results for the layout  
customizer are?  There doesn't seem to be a link off the main page for  
the component and I haven't had luck with search (probably don't know  
what terms to use).



On Apr 16, 2008, at 3:33 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hello designers,
> We've been doing a lot of review and testing of the Layout Customizer
> component in preparation for the Fluid Infusion 0.3 release. One of
> the things we've been thinking about is the behaviour of drag and drop
> in this component.
> A couple of months ago, Gary and Shaw-Han did a great job of putting
> together some detailed mockups. They're available at:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Portlet+Reorderer+Mockups
> If you notice, these mockups specify an approach that is very similar
> to myYahoo's news portal, available at http://cm.my.yahoo.com/. The
> noteworthy features of this approach are:
>  * the use of a small drag "avatar" (the thing that follows your
> mouse during a drag operation)
>  * a coloured, horizontal bar representing the drop target (the spot
> where the thing will land when you let go of the mouse)
> Another approach to drag and drop layouts is documented in the Fluid
> design pattern for Layout Preview:
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Drag+and+Drop+-+Layout+Preview
> This approach is similar to iGoogle, http://www.google.com/ig.
> Noteworthy features include:
>  * the use of a full-sized, transparent drag avatar that shows the
> whole portlet
>  * a full-sized outlined box for the drop target
>  * other portlets on the page shift out of the way to show a
> realistic preview of how the layout will look
> What's the best approach? I'm thinking this is one of those "it
> depends" questions. When portlets are similar in size and closely
> spaced, the myYahoo approach is probably simpler and easier to
> control. When portlets are more widely spaced and may have different
> sizes, a full preview of the layout seems more useful.
> At the time of the original designs, it's my understanding that we
> went with the myYahoo-style interaction because it was immediately
> similar to some existing code we have in the Reorderer. On the other
> hand, the Reorderer is highly customizable. The dev team tells me that
> implementing both behaviours should be relatively straightforward. It
> may impact our release date a bit, but should we consider taking the
> time to provide an option that will allow for the iGoogle-style of
> preview?
> I'd really appreciate opinions and advice from designers in the
> community.
> Colin
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