JS build systems and maven

Ian Boston ian at caret.cam.ac.uk
Tue Apr 8 00:12:43 UTC 2008

I know you have done the work so this is just for information.
Ant is probably more flexible and will allow you to do just what you  

but if you ever want to go back to maven2, the Google team working on  
Apache Shindig is using Maven2

Apache Shindig are using the YUI compressor (amongst other things for  
their Javascript)  in the form of

  <!-- TODO: Replace this with the more generic javascript plugin that
         allows the use of arbitrary compressor / compilers.
         The maven-javascript-plugin does not seem to work.        -->
<!-- <groupId>net.sf.hammerfest</groupId> -->
<!-- <artifactId>maven-javascript-plugin</artifactId> -->
<excludes>            <!-- don't bother with other file types. -->
<!-- Syndicator files are JSON, not javascript -->
  <!-- same for oauth config -->
<!-- Caja has some bugs too -->


On 1 Apr 2008, at 17:09, Colin Clark wrote:
> Ian,
> The short answer is that we wanted a simple build process that  
> helps with the following:
>  * Minifying all our JavaScript and CSS files for distribution (for  
> speed)
>  * Building a single, concatenated file containing all Fluid  
> JavaScript code (also for speed)
>  * Building and zipping simple distribution package containing all  
> Fluid code
>  * Automatically validating of our code using JSLint
> While the Maven JSTools Plugin you mention does some of these  
> tasks, it doesn't seem to handle minification and concatenation  
> unless I've overlooked something. More to the point, we found it  
> much easier to write a simple Ant script to do this than continue  
> to wrangle with Maven. It worked for us, but other projects will  
> inevitably have different needs.
> Colin
> On 31-Mar-08, at 7:01 PM, Ian Boston wrote:
>> I think I remember that Fluid were doing some work on build systems
>> for JS using Ant,
>> because Maven2 didnt do what was required, and was a pain to get
>> running.
>> Did you look at http://dev.abiss.gr/mvn-jstools/usage.html and if you
>> did ..... what are the extra things that you are doing outside
>> this... just out of interest ?
>> Thanks
>> Ian
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