Reorderer testing issue

Herb Wideman herb at
Fri Apr 4 20:45:51 UTC 2008

In case anyone else is doing reorderer testing - It appears that the 
following element of the reorderer testing protocol (found at : 
) is not in accord with the lightbox test page that the protocol page 
links to for testing. Specifically the protocol item:

2. Movement (try with elements in various locations, attempt with all 
elements if possible)

• With an element selected press ctrl+(arrow) to move the element to a 
new location
• Did the element move
• Did the other elements shift to fill in the vacated space

is now incorrect for the linked lightbox as once you tab to an item to 
select it a help tip pops up telling you to use the ikmj keys for 
selection, with the control key added to move the object.... I did not 
report the failure of the tab+arrow combo to work in the lightbox as a 
bug as this just seems to be an oversight int he testing procedure 
writeup (it works in other sortable formats).


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