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Hi everyone,

During the UX meeting at the Fluid Summit on Monday I mentioned an
interesting article I read recently, "Integrate Business Modeling &
Interaction Design." It presents a model which "uses UML stereotyped
classes to represent persona hypotheses, their roles, and their goals." It
suggests using abstractions of the context scenarios (e.g. user scenarios)
culled from user research to define business processes. Though there are a
couple of points made by the authors which may be a bit of a leap,* these
ideas illustrate one way interaction design could be integrated into
business process modeling. Such a strategy could potentially be helpful in
plugging user experience into the Kuali project.

The article assumes some business process modeling knowledge, but you can
still get a good high-level view without it. Here's an interesting
IaD personas can be modeled in UML using a specific, stereotyped class
that provides attributes to model skills and goals.  ... End goals are UML
classes stereotyped as user goals, linked to personas through association
relationships. Such end goals are linked to use-cases from the system
modeling layer through support-stereotyped dependency relationships.
Because use-cases are derived from business use-cases, user goals
implicitly support business goals.


* The authors say that "because use-cases are derived from business
use-cases, user goals implicitly support business goals," which I don't
think is the case unless special care is taken to harmonize these often
very different goals.
* The authors say that modelers should "add dependency relationships
between the personas and the user roles defined in the IaD preparatory
work." In the classic view (e.g. Alan Cooper, About Face), personas aren't
*defined* by their roles, though each persona will likely have a role or
roles. I'm hoping they aren't saying persona=role.

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