Can someone with IE 7.0 try this?

Sheila Crossey sheila.crossey at
Wed Sep 26 16:11:29 UTC 2007

On Windows you can use alt+"the letter or number" followed by enter (after
you've lifted your fingers off the letter or number and the alt key). Shift 
doesn't seem to
make any difference. I tested it on the page you gave below.

I found this out by googling and experimenting. It didn't seem to be
documented in the MSIE help. On the MAC it seems you use Ctrl instead of
Alt, but I didn't try it.


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> Hi Everyone--
> I'm trying to verify how IE 7.0 works with accesskeys. Firefox uses
> alt+shift+"the letter or number" but I can't find documentation to
> describe how IE 7.0 treats it. We need this to update information in
> Sakai.
> For a test page, you can go to the MSU UAC web page:
> Thanks!
> Mike


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