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Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 24 14:57:23 UTC 2007

Interesting discussion on the Interaction Design Association list  
about the idea of a shared identity across the communities we are  
involved in.

I think this is a very interesting idea for Fluid and our communities  
as many of our users need to keep track of their various  
institutional identities in their LMS, CLE, Portals, SIS, etc.   
Identity management component anyone?  I could see user's managing  
their institutional identity independent of our systems and the  
systems then utilize what is relevant in their context.

P.S.  You can check out the full discussion at ixda.org.


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> Subject: Re: [IxDA Discuss] The Third Place: We're designing it  
> now. << some thoughts
> Will's essay made me wonder something.  Does any software exist to  
> help me
> manage the identities I present at various online sites?
> As he points out, online identities tend to be fragmented.  My social
> circles rarely interact, especially the online ones, and I present  
> different
> faces to each (not necessarily on purpose, but as a side effect of the
> communities' purposes and social norms).  I find it hard to keep  
> track of
> all of them.
> On the most simple level, for instance, I might want a way to  
> update my
> avatar on most of the communities I frequent.  (Even simpler, I don't
> remember what my username is on some of them anymore!  I want  
> something to
> keep track of that.)  Another thing I might want to do is see a  
> summary of
> where I've been active and where I haven't.  Or keep track of  
> friends lists
> in various places.
> Anyone?
>                      - Jenifer
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