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Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Fri Sep 21 21:41:21 UTC 2007

Sounds like a great idea!  Count me in.


On Sep 21, 2007, at 12:52 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi all,
> Andrew Petro raised the suggestion of a small portlet design/ 
> development
> project for the end of the JA-SIG unconference in November.
> His idea is to get Fluid involved in helping to design a small LMS
> integration portlet that would provide a summary view of various
> information in Sakai or other learning management systems.
> I think this would be a great bit of work we could collaborate with  
> the
> uPortal community on, and might feed back into some of the recent
> discussion we've been having about newsfeed and synoptic-style  
> views of
> data in Sakai.
> Thoughts?
> Colin
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> Subject: [jasig-winter-07-unconference] lightweight LMS portal
> integration as unconf, post-unconf activity
> Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 06:41:17 -0700
> From: Andrew Petro <apetro at unicon.net>
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> <65C31D1A-74FD-4084-8BE6-01D32A5EAD78 at rutgers.edu>
> Anyone have a particular ability to convince Pete Boysen and/or Pete's
> management to send him to the UnConference and post-activities with  
> his
> shiny new CAR-ified WebCT channel in tow?
> I suspect there's room in the world for a quality "Pluggable  
> Lightweight
> LMS Integration Portlet".  "PLLIP", maybe.  With plugins to query  
> WebCT,
> Blackboard, Sakai.  Displays your courses/sites/whatevers, gives you
> links to them, away you go.  Shared UI excellence, maybe get the FLUID
> folks to make it sing.  Different connection details for different
> versions of WebCT?  That's fine, we can have twelve versions of the
> plugin if need be, all ready to be spring-wired in.
> What prevents me from just doing this some weekend is lack of  
> access to
> test instances of the proprietary LMSs.  Is the Post-Un-Conference a
> chance to get together devs interested in the various LMSs to get  
> this done?
> Probably time to take this to uportal-user@ , but I wanted to flesh  
> out
> the pitch here first and see if this is the kind of activity  
> suggestion
> we'd want to use to draw people and like to see them do once drawn.
> Supposing this group thinks this is a good idea, I can take it over to
> -user@ as more of that infectious enthusiasm stuff.
> I'm torn.  I don't want to discourage people from working on uPortal
> itself post-conference, but realistically I think a project more this
> size with more of this immediate selfish return-on-investment
> proposition (tada! instead of your own hacked LMS integration, you're
> now on shared open source code with a UI plausibly on the roadmap for
> FLUID enhancement!) is easier to draw institutional devs into and more
> likely to align with existing local code they could bring and share.
> (Here's my custom channel to talk to my custom LMS, now, how would I
> make this into a PLLIP plugin?)
> Andrew
>>> Rutgers has a Sakai project.  Do those devs want to be available,
>>> connect up?  More generally Rutgers has an interesting environment
>>> involving a federated campus and several LMSs.  In our world of
>>> Blackboard channels and WebCT channels and versions all over the
>>> place and now Sakai, spending some hands-on time looking at what
>>> we're all doing for even the lightest "integration" (Can you get it
>>> to list their courses in the portal?  With SSO links?) could be  
>>> neat.
>> I'm game and can probably sell the extra days. To be honest,
>> portal-sakai integration is on our roadmap -- something like this
>> could be the catalyst to push it more in the near term. Though  
>> most of
>> my fall is going to be spent riding the Sakai 2.5 QA cycle &  
>> trying to
>> eek out 10% performance gains left and right to keep up with our
>> expanding usage.
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