Help with scheduling for the summit?

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I wonder how many of us planned to leave at lunchtime on Friday, and how
important it is to have all hands on deck for the last summary session.




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Hi Allison

Design Patterns has been split into 2 sessions on Thursday.  Please feel
free to edit the schedule if you find the times and/or the order of
topics should change.  This was just a preliminary draft.




On 20-Sep-07, at 2:01 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

Hi Barbara, 


I was actually hoping for two separate sessions on Design Patterns, but
I think it would work out OK to do it all at once if that works best.
You can change that meeting to two or three hours, as I actually told
Daphne yesterday I thought we could just do 2 1 hour sessions and
thought she'd changed it on the wiki.




On Sep 20, 2007, at 10:54 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:

Hi all,

Please review the "draft" agenda for the UE portion of the summit.   

Make any changes you wish.  I read through all the topics and the  

alloted times people needed and came up with what's there.  I didn't  

know when the summit would begin everyday so assumed a 9am start and  

a 5pm close with a 1 hour lunch at noon.  Wednesday was the only time  

when I put in an earlier start time to try and fit all the topics in  

with the requested amount of time.


It is at the following link on the wiki.


Also, I put up a blank table for the Dev team with the times of the  

combined meetings filled in.





On 19-Sep-07, at 4:36 PM, Colin Clark wrote:


	Hi everyone,


	With the summit fast approaching, I'd like to try to pull
together a

	schedule for all the agenda items we've been compiling over the

	last few



	So far, I've booked two rooms, one for the technical group and
one for

	the UX folks. But we'll also have lots of opportunity to bring

	groups together as well.


	I've scheduled Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and all day

	Friday for discussions with the whole group.


	Tentatively for Monday morning, I had hoped to schedule a

	about my recent release plan and vision work, and then perhaps

	Laurie McArthur give us an overview of assistive technologies.


	I'm going to start pulling together a schedule for the technical

	discussions, but is there someone who is able to help schedule
the UX

	side of things?





	Colin Clark

	Technical Lead, Fluid Project

	Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto


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