Help with scheduling for the summit?

Barbara Glover barbara.glover at
Thu Sep 20 17:54:43 UTC 2007

Hi all,
Please review the "draft" agenda for the UE portion of the summit.   
Make any changes you wish.  I read through all the topics and the  
alloted times people needed and came up with what's there.  I didn't  
know when the summit would begin everyday so assumed a 9am start and  
a 5pm close with a 1 hour lunch at noon.  Wednesday was the only time  
when I put in an earlier start time to try and fit all the topics in  
with the requested amount of time.

It is at the following link on the wiki.

Also, I put up a blank table for the Dev team with the times of the  
combined meetings filled in.


On 19-Sep-07, at 4:36 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> With the summit fast approaching, I'd like to try to pull together a
> schedule for all the agenda items we've been compiling over the  
> last few
> weeks.
> So far, I've booked two rooms, one for the technical group and one for
> the UX folks. But we'll also have lots of opportunity to bring the
> groups together as well.
> I've scheduled Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and all day on
> Friday for discussions with the whole group.
> Tentatively for Monday morning, I had hoped to schedule a discussion
> about my recent release plan and vision work, and then perhaps have
> Laurie McArthur give us an overview of assistive technologies.
> I'm going to start pulling together a schedule for the technical
> discussions, but is there someone who is able to help schedule the UX
> side of things?
> Colin
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