Pre-summit homework for component definition & prioritization

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Mon Sep 17 20:03:33 UTC 2007

Hi all,

As we discussed at Friday's meeting, we'll be spending quite a bit of  
time further defining our various component ideas along with giving  
them some priority, 
Component+Identification+and+Prioritization+Exercise.  The UX  
Walkthroughs have given us numerous component/reusable solution  
ideas.  To take full advantage of our face to face time I'd like to  
ask Walkthrough participants (and anyone else that has ideas) to  
bring their ideas on post-it notes -- one idea per post-it note.    
Through Friday's conversation we realized that naming a component  
this early may lead us to thinking technically and at a widget level  
of granularity.  For each idea let's focus on what the user needs to  
accomplish.  A component label is fine (but not necessary).  Let's  
include a description of the problem and/or activity...whatever makes  
sense for the level of understanding.  As we discuss, synthesize and  
group our ideas, we will further flesh out their meanings.    Don't  
worry about overlap in ideas, we'll synthesize through the activity.

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