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If we accept all of this, doesn't it imply that tabs are the wrong
solution for listing Sakai sites? They're certainly not different views
of the same information.




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This is a timely article on the use of tabs...


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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for September 17 is now online at:



13 design guidelines for tab controls are all followed by Yahoo Finance,

but usability suffers somewhat due to AJAX overkill and difficult





User Experience 2007 conference


	Barcelona, November 4-9

	Las Vegas, December 2-7


31 full-day tutorials

2 keynotes: e-commerce, the state of usability


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MarketingSherpa has released the results of a survey of 3,186 Internet

marketers, who were asked about their ROI from various marketing

techniques. (Yes, it's a survey, which is a bad way to get information

about users and design, but this is about sales vs. expenses, not about



Highest scoring was house email marketing, with 4 times as many

respondents saying that they got strong or good ROI than people

who said that it was a low-value tactic or hard to gauge.


Lowest scoring Internet tactic was banner advertising, with 

3 as many people saying "low" (or "hard to gauge")

vs. respondents who said "good" (or "strong").


Email is about 12 times higher rated than banner advertising for ROI.

Allocate your budget accordingly: unless you spend many times more on

newsletters then on online advertising, you probably have ROI problems.


These numbers don't surprise me, because our empirical observations of

users' actual behavior show strong positive effects of email newsletters

and extremely strong banner blindness.


Still, it's nice to see marketing managers come to the same conclusions

the user research, regarding what works on the Internet.


Email newsletters, user research findings:


Banner blindness, user research findings:


Marketing managers' ROI experience, survey findings:




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