Content management

Mark Norton markjnorton at
Fri Sep 14 13:11:28 UTC 2007

Personally, I think that coming up with a defining term kinda misses the 
point.  As Daphne said, almost everything on a site in Sakai could be 
considered content of one kind or another.

Rather than creating a sweeping definition, wouldn't we be better served 
by collecting the real needs of our users and documenting them? You 
might find that, after collecting requirements into a big unorganized 
pile, that pieces of the problem will emerge that fit together.  
Decomposition is essential, since the problem space is so large, but 
having a collection of requirements, pieces can be developed in the 
context of other things.

Keep "content management" as a label and explore what it means.  
Ultimately, it's the work that matters, not what you call it.

- Mark Norton

PS.  There are lots of content management requirements already hanging 
around.  They just need to be pushed into Fluid's mindspace.

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