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Colin Clark colin.clark at
Thu Sep 13 20:41:14 UTC 2007

Hi George,

I was thinking noon EDT is preferable, as it fits within working hours 
on both the west coast (9 am) and the UK (5 pm).

Does this work for you?

The Fluid Breeze room is available at:

Looking forward to it,


George Hackman wrote:
> October 15th at noon (Pacific time?)  sounds good.  Can you send me 
> details on how to join the Fluid Breeze meeting room?
> Regards,
> George
> Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hi George,
>> No problem at all. Thanks for reminding us about this!
>> I spoke with the Sakai UI Design Patterns group and we decided that it 
>> works best for everyone if we schedule a separate videoconference to 
>> discuss how Oracle can get involved with Fluid and your work with 
>> design patterns, usability, and accessibility.
>> I'd suggest we use the Fluid Breeze meeting room. Noon is the best 
>> time to get the largest group of Fluid participants across time zones. 
>> Does the date you mentioned, October 15th, still work best for you, or 
>> would you like to meet sooner?
>> Everyone in the Fluid community and beyond should feel very welcome to 
>> join us if you'd like to talk about Oracle's user experience work and 
>> how it relates to Fluid.
>> George, let me know when works best for you and I'll book it.
>> Really looking forward to chatting with you,
>> Colin
>> George Hackman wrote:
>>> At the risk of inviting myself... how about Monday 10/15?
>>> Thanks,
>>> George
>>> Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>>>> Hi Colin,
>>>> I would love to have the chance to talk with George about all these 
>>>> issues sometime soon, especially design patterns. I am interested in 
>>>> how these design patterns are created (e.g. is there any sort of 
>>>> community effort or is it more top-down?), maintained/moderated, and 
>>>> presented to potential users. I'd also like to find out whether 
>>>> Oracle has a style guide and/or code repository (e.g. like Yahoo!'s 
>>>> User Interface Library:, and how 
>>>> these tools are used or integrated with the design patterns.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Allison
>>>> On Aug 31, 2007, at 11:54 AM, Colin Clark wrote:
>>>>> Hi George,
>>>>> I was just about to send a note about scheduling something when 
>>>>> your post came through. Thanks for following up on this.
>>>>> My suggestion is to schedule a open Fluid teleconference to chat 
>>>>> about areas for Oracle to collaborate with Fluid sometime in the 
>>>>> next few weeks. I like your suggestions for topics, these are very 
>>>>> relevant issues for Fluid.
>>>>> Given the fact that there are a number of designers in the Sakai 
>>>>> community who already meet regularly to talk about design patterns, 
>>>>> perhaps we could schedule the meeting in the same time slot so they 
>>>>> are all able to attend? This group meets on Mondays from 6-7pm EDT.
>>>>> What does the rest of the community think about this idea?
>>>>> Colin
>>>>> George Hackman wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> I have been out of the loop for a while catching up after a 
>>>>>> vacation...
>>>>>> I am not sure where we landed as far as me giving a talk at some 
>>>>>> time.  Should we just schedule something?
>>>>>> Again, here are some topics...
>>>>>> * UI design patterns and how we use them at Oracle to promote 
>>>>>> usability and consistency.   This is a big help for us as we have 
>>>>>> a lot of developers to support with a fairly small UX team.
>>>>>> * Accessibility and evolving standards.  Accessibility is key to 
>>>>>> us as we sell lots of software to the government.  I could talk 
>>>>>> about our program and what we are doing here.
>>>>>> * Usability methods that we use at Oracle (Customer visits 
>>>>>> (ethnography),  usability testing (remote and local) etc.).  You 
>>>>>> are probably familiar with most of these, but I could call out 
>>>>>> what we do differently or uniquely.
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> George
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