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Wed Oct 31 21:01:24 UTC 2007

Hi all,
We're trying to get a better feel for what topics listed below we  
want to include as potential Designer + Developer collaboration (ie.  
design and then, code sprint).  We have a new Fluid component the  
Reorderer, which has a lot of potential uses within Sakai.  Below is  
a suggested list.

Here are the lists of topic ideas.

The reorderer component allows user to organize page elements via  
drag and drop with a mouse and ctrl + arrow keys on the keyboard. It  
has been implemented in the context of the Image Gallery as the  
Lightbox component. We can think of the reorder as a level up in  
abstraction from the lightbox.

This functionality could be useful, usable and efficient in many  
places across the Sakai application. These following are some ideas  
for integration points:

     * Tool Order functionality (currently in Site Info) - we could  
even look at allowing users to reorganize the actual navigation  
itself so they are getting immediate and direct feedback about what  
they are doing.
     * Tab Reodering - allow users to reorder their tabs directly.  
This could be used with the current tab customization functionality  
and/or used to directly organize sites and tabs.
     * Resources - file organization within folders and between folders.
     * Image reodering between collections - lightbox allows for  
rerodering within a collection now. Next phase of Image Gallery will  
allow images to be moved in and out of collections also. UC Berkeley  
will likely implement this unless it's done as part of this activity.
     * Page orderer - where pages includes multiple tools (home for  
instance), allow users to dynamically and directly order the tools on  
the page.
     * Wiki - Thoughts about where the reorder could be used here?
     * Syllabus Tool - Allow users to reorder sections / components  
of their syllabus.

Also need to have a planning meeting.  Tentatively planned for:

Next Meeting: Tentative - Wednesday, November 7th, 1pm PST/ 4pm EST  
on breeze.

Let me know if this time works and/or suggest another time.

Barbara Glover
Fluid - Sr. Interaction Designer

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