Fluid UX Team Planning Meeting

Barbara Glover barbara.glover at utoronto.ca
Mon Oct 29 18:50:44 UTC 2007

Hi all,
I've added cards for both user testing and UCamps.


On 26-Oct-07, at 7:39 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Thanks so much for all your help with the productive Fluid UX  
> Planning Meeting today! Daphne captured some notes for us here:  
> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Design+Meetings
> We went through all the completed project plans today, and for our  
> next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 30th from 10-12PDT/1-3EDT, we will do  
> more prioritizing and planning to create a Roadmap. In preparation  
> for this meeting, it was asked that all group coordinators create  
> cards for their major "chunks" containing descriptions and time  
> estimates (in person-days) in the CardMeeting application. Here is  
> the information on accessing CardMeeting, as well as information on  
> which cards correspond to which project (which you will also be  
> able to see in the white "Legend" card in our CardMeeting space):
> www.cardmeeting.com
> Group ID: C1691 (use this at the very bottom-left form to see all  
> the meetings for our group, then go to the Fluid UX Activity  
> Planning meeting for this exercise)
> Meeting ID: M2895 (use this in the second-to-the-bottom-left form  
> to go straight to the right meeting for this exercise, Fluid UX  
> Activity Planning)
> You can contact any of the folks below via phone for the password,  
> which is the same for both the meeting or group.
> Card Legend:
> User Research - Daphne - white
> Components - Daphne - yellow
> User Testing - Barbara - orange
> Design Patterns/UX Toolkit - Allison - pink
> uCamp - Barbara - green
> UX Walk-throughs - Paul - blue
> I found it was very easy to cut and paste my tasks from Confluence  
> Project Plan page and put them right on my cards. I put the high- 
> level name of the "chunk" at the top (e.g. DP1: User Needs  
> Assessment), and if the space of the card allowed, put the next  
> level of tasks below it as bullet points. The space in the card is  
> limited, so you'll want to make sure it doesn't run past the bottom.
> Thanks!
> Allison Bloodworth
> Senior User Interaction Designer
> Educational Technology Services
> University of California, Berkeley
> (415) 377-8243
> abloodworth at berkeley.edu
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